The Babadook (2014)

Initially, the film seems to be a tired single mother Amelia (Essie Davis) and her hyperactive son (Noah Wiseman) and all the situations that follow with repeated actions cause problems at school and disrupt interactions with potential playmates. The dark and emotional past which highlights Sam’s father and his absence points to many reasons why the child could be acting out…which then leads the audience to understand the Mothers’ constant frustrated and exhausted demeanor.

All of this seems like normality…

Until they find an odd book amongst the others when its Sam’s choice at bedtime. Now I don’t know if it’s just me getting the complete and utter wiggins at things that hide in the dark, things you don’t understand…things you can’t see…but the feel of foreboding at this point…uhuh, I’m out.  Not to mention, has anyone else noticed that Horror/Thrillers that enlist some form of child star directly seem to be far more freaky than most.

The situation proceeds with a hidden entity first pestering the duo, then causing outright carnage. I’m normally a fairly avid horror/thriller viewer, so on hearing from a friend about this little gem normally I’m laughing away…but this is freaky. The entity hides in the darkness, it inhabits Amelia’s body and makes her do some pretty horrible things.

The ending isn’t quite what I expected, but the build up to the end…definitely suspense. If your looking for something to send a real shiver down your spine. This is for you.

Oh and….any dog lovers…beware.




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