About ReelTime


ReelTime was created 3rd March 2016 by myself, Donna Clarke, an avid cinema goer since…age 8, Empire magazine subscriber and Film studies student.

It became apparent that my feedback to friends and family (sometimes even strangers) of films I had recently seen, informative output as well as random quotes began to give me the label of “the go-to” member of the group to ask about and discuss a range of films(plus I was always called upon for quiz night for the film round or panicked texts of “what was that film where…happened?”), began to make me think that my knowledge/ opinion could be used to help others, kinda like a superpower!
Ok, not quite. But why the hell not!

Media is one of the most fast paced and most used forms of escapism from our day to day lives, so why not allow  yourselves to let go for a couple of hours and learn/explore/fear and love story that may affect you forever.

Not sure what to see?

Read my review and you can decide yourselves.

Every Wednesday I will post an “Off Topic” post which will be my inner ramblings on life and all things non-direct to film reviews, and one the weekend will be an array of reviews of a mixture of New releases I have recently seen as well as older films viewed on other platforms (Amazon Prime and Netflix) all of which are open for discussion and debate.