Freaky (15, 2021)

Body swap comedy slasher with Sass

“The Killer babysitter” meets “Freaky Friday” in this teen slasher comedy, released in 2020 and Directed by Christopher Landon benefits from a slow thrill building preliminary scene listing all the tell tale signs of a teen horror; gathering of teen rebels, underage drinking, sexual innuendo and the shy virgin being propositioned by the love interest. Not to mention a big house with way too many rooms just begging a psycho to come and play.

Funny how that happens eh?

Most of the time you see it coming, like any seasoned horror viewer you really should…and even if you are not…you would…. honestly. To say its predictable is not giving it enough credit, the lengths of time between silly action or the “let me just wander off on my own” scenario almost make you think it will not happen, but of course it delivers in spades with the kind of gore that makes you smile and cringe at the same time, am I right? No? Is that just me?

At some points I had to do a double take and wonder if I was watching “Friday the 13th” , mostly for the tell-tale kills the criminal used and the way that he stalked his prey (did he see me…nah…I will just creep out a bit…ohfuckimdead! …slammed into a protruding object…now I’m a human skewer).  If I were to take it from that first 10 minutes, I would say it would be regurgitated horror bullshit, predictable as hell and unoriginal to the very core but then the offset comedy builds…slowly at first…but likable enough that even if you were not in the 15-25 age range its funny to a tolerable extent without being too over your head/too low brow. The characters are likable enough, with the diverse friendship group of the main female protagonist Millie Kessler (Kathryn Newton) and the obligatory mixed race character Nyla Chones (Celeste O’Connor), and gay male Josh Detmer (Misha Osherovich) as they navigate a true turning of age scenario of Homecoming and “landing the plane” as they so aptly put it to Millie. Through all of this they must navigate the disaster of your bestie having the bad luck of the old body and consciousness switcheroo with the one and only “Blissfield Butcher” (Vince Vaughn).

Its got an edge to it that for someone who doesn’t want to go full scale horror could easily sink their teeth into, but also is a good watch for avid horror viewers looking for something with a bit of spice.


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