Off Topic #10 : A Touchy Subject

This may seem like a sensitive area (no pun intended),  but its pretty difficult to hide away from this rather big scoop from the cinematic world.

The entire film industry has been up-ended by allegations against Harvey Weinstein, the 65-year-old movie mogul accused of sexual harassment towards a number of actresses that spans over three decades. Now that it has become a time of these “harassment cockroaches” crawling out of the woodwork, it was inevitable it should happen to a big time, big screen “God” with so many fantastic titles under his belt.

I know it’s only allegations at the moment, yet the fact that everyone has stepped off the “Weinstein is King” band-wagon (he’s been sacked by the board of his company with immediate effect, his own lawyer has resigned, even Barack Obama is speaking out against him) means it’s bad news bears. Not only for everyone working under The Weinstein Company name, (Which even Amazon is pretty much going to steer clear of with a 10-foot barge pole) but all the brave actresses who have spoken out about him will have to deal with this nightmare for who knows how long.

A shock? Yes. Well obviously! Were we naive to think that something like this wouldn’t happen in the film industry? Am I the only one who scrolled through IMDb after hearing the news, looking at every feature he’d produced hoping it wasn’t too many of my favourites so that the negative stigma wouldn’t be attached to them? It makes me wonder how many of those actresses were cast under these situations?

The understanding of casting and how it can literally be not only “make or break” for actors and actresses, but food on your table and clothes on your back, can explain the pressure of getting sought-after roles, but it shouldn’t have them reduced to degrading themselves to get the part. Even though Weinstein has issued a statement of apology, I’m unsure anyone is going to roll over and accept that as “OK”.

Shouldn’t we have already reached a point where this shouldn’t be happening? The best thing for Hollywood is to out these people so we can make a fresh start where these kinds of actions are not viewed as part and parcel of being an actress, but viewed as what they are, a crime.





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