King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

Charlie Hunnam explodes onto screen in the long awaited fantasy drama from Guy Ritchie. Long awaited and yet highly slated.

After Arthur’s father (Eric Bana) is murdered by a dark monstrous figure, Vortigern (Jude Law) steps into the powerful shoes of King and ruler utilising dark means. Robbed of his Royal birthright Arthur grows up oblivious of his lineage, until fate leads him to the fabled stone and Excalibur. By dealing with the vision of the dark figure that plagues him through his training to wield Excalibur he is able to find his true place and become the heroic leader we were promised.

If explosions and slow-motion action scenes, dark arts and dream sequences is your thing step right up! However….there were points were even the legendary themes and ideas of the King Arthur story become a bit…loose. The all-star cast work really well with their roles, an honest rags to riches play-by-play laced with sarcastic cockney humour. However, the David Beckham Cameo….why? I mean, the first spot was a bit like “ha, that’s David Beckham, that’s funny!”…then it continued….

Ignore that, and you’ll be fine.



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