Split (2017)

split_ver2Viewers can say they are “truly moved” by emotive films with depth and meaning that not only entertain but educate. This would sound a bit like something you would attach to a Rom-com or a documentary style viewing, but I am going to apply it to Split.

I didn’t do any research into DID  (Dissociative Identity Disorder) as I wanted to enter into the ‘experience’ fresh and unladen with opinions, which can sometimes happen when the greatness that is Google interferes. The film is based upon the uncertainty of knowledge on this disorder and how it can affect the person afflicted with the disorder. It is believed that a person can be affected in such a way that one person can manifest themselves into several separate personalities that not only differ in character but the whole mechanics of their body, IQ, mental age, even disabilities and allergies. Even to the extent that modern science can make a big dent in solving some pretty hefty conundrums the aspect and inner workings of the mind have always been a black hole and we are still trying to collect data on such aspects of human life.

Kevin (James McAvoy) has revealed and shown extensive evidence of 23 separate personalities to his trusted psychiatrist,  Dr.Fletcher (Betty Buckley). We follow Kevin on a journey of discovery to meet these personalities through his compulsion to abduct 3 teenage girls, led by the willful and observant Casey ( Anya Taylor-Joy).

Kevin is at war with the personalities contained inside as well as an emerging “Other” personality foretold to dominate them all.

The twists and turns that follow from scene to scene really do illuminate the acting range of all of the actors especially McAvoy who really pulls this off fluidly and to perfection. The chilling situation of abduction and child abuse only too real as an underlying backstory  almost turn this into a full-blown horror, however the personalities of Kevin and how we meet them  adds some dark humor and almost lovable entity to the viewing especially “Hedwig” whom will be an obvious favorite (“You’re probably pregnant now…”).

Jump scares, depth, sarcasm, blurred security, and awe are the main ways I explain this fantastic, thrilling episode.

The one part I didn’t understand in the last scene in the diner was where there seemed to be a cameo of Bruce Willis….maybe it’s linked to a film I haven’t seen ( I haven’t seen?! GOD No could it be true??!!) any explanations are welcomed. However, with or without this, I encourage you, entirely, fully, definitely, obviously to see it.



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