Moana (2016)

Yet another fabulous, colorful and meaningful new installment to the Disney family. Filled with mythical stories of  Demigod  Maui, monsters, and mystical relics needing to be reunited to a goddess. Moana sails into our lives with yet another trial and tribulation tale of a society destined to be a carbon copy of their predecessors; those that don’t ever leave the island and have such a repetitive existence of collecting coconuts, fish or weaving baskets…and that’s it. Everyone else seems happy with this…apart from Moana who is constantly drawn to the ocean. Even as an infant we see how her eagerness for adventure and discovery leads her to a crossroad; a life just like her parents want her to have as princess of the Polynesian tribe or one of uncertainty and travel across the great sea.

Songs throughout and the obligatory crazy-funny animal; Heihei the chicken (reminding me very much of “Becky” the bird from Finding Dory and making me laugh just as much) making it funny for both adults and children alike.

After Note:

As enjoyable as it was it maybe a slightly difficult watch for younger viewers as the all too Walt Disney theme of “loss to enable the protagonist to become strong” comes up…easily explainable to slightly older children. This joined with the odd monster may cause you to leave the cinema early (as one poor mother sat behind me had to do after much screaming ).


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