Off Topic #6: Exploding Kittens Card Game


It may sound kinda…violent, but believe me its not, so come out from behind your shield and listen about a new card game that I discovered. Now as is tradition with the meet ups with my group of girlfriends, we always end up playing some form of game alongside our drinking and this one is Exploding Kittens.

Exploding kittens is a card game which made Kickstarter history by becoming the most backed game and campaign with most backers, ever. Created by Elan Lee,  Matt Inman, and Shane Small, this Russian Roulette style kitten powered game enable players to draw until the have an exploding kitten card…to which they explode and are dead….unless they have a diffuser card which “distract” the kitten from exploding using laser pens, belly rubs and sandwiches. All the other cards in the pack are there purely to move, avoid and soften the blow from these darn kittens.

Now initially we all stared at Emma, thinking she had gone a little bit mad, and then she presented us with a pack of cards, shuffling them and giving us each a diffuser card. This was to STOP sed exploding kitten to enable continuing the game….now it was starting to sound like mission impossible (cue theme music)…the game was easy to pick up after a tester round(where we all died ) then the real contest began, with all of us in fits of laughter to discover the various skip, attack and “Nope” cards…especially the kitten in the bikini, and the kitten hiding in the beard…

Not only can you buy the Exploding kittens game directly off their website, but they are all over Amazon, already have their first expansion pack AND have a mobile app of the game!

Try it out, you might have a banging time…

Top draw, guys!


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  1. B says:

    You had me at Exploding Kittens! What a hilarious name for a card game.


  2. Rob Jon Andrews says:

    Just played this for the first time. Fantastic stuff!


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