Alice through the Looking Glass (2016)


I held off on this review for a bit longer than usual as a colleague wanted to view the film before I wrote one…fair enough.So now I can pen its faults and fantastic sections at leisure!

Alice through the looking glass is another adaptation of the original stories by Lewis Carroll, James Bobin and Tim Burton unite to utilizes their creative prowess onto this very likable and intricate version of  Alice’s adventures.

This is a lot darker than the first installment as it gives a bigger back story to the rift between “The bloody big head”  Red Queen and the White Queen as well as the relocation of lost family and the possible demise of the Hatter, all wound together with the use of  time travel. Now there are some things that are very clever, like the use of jokes and sarcasm towards time, the use of it, the mini robots (noted to be seconds) that join together, Power Ranger style to create minutes…all very understandable for an adult, but may take a bit more explaining to children.

The anger, unexplained from the previous film, is not shed light upon with the use of the time travel, and we understand that a sibling feud based upon lies instigated such a huge chain of events that later changes the whole mechanics of Underland. Helen Bonham

Helen Bonham Carter continues to bring to life the visions of the Red Queen that are depicted in the books, including her heinous temper and selfishness. Sacha Baron Cohen brings a family friendly yet still funny character onto the screen with an initially darker undertone, but later we realize that Time is a friend to all. Not forgetting Alice, played by Mia Wasikowska, who breathes an unrelenting undertone of hope, passion and creativity into the understanding of life in the deepest of situations, allowing everyone in the auditorium to leave with a slightly rose tinted look to their world when thy leave the cinema.

In terms of sequels, in as much I don’t feel it was required, as the initial film would have stood alone quite proudly, it does accentuate the story line and the backstory of the two Queens and ends the film well as a good “full stop” to the story. But I fear another would stretch it too far…not saying they shouldn’t try, I have been impressed by some sequels/prequels…but I just don’t know how they could top this.

To watch the first film should be a prerequisite to this one, but I sure you would enjoy it none the less if you didn’t.


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  1. B says:

    Thanks for posting! I’m still on the fence on whether or not I should go see this- the first one just didn’t get me as excited as I hoped it would. Maybe the backstory between the two Queens would give it more context? It’s still always fun to see a Tim Burton film, though- they’re always so wacky and wonderfully shot.


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