Off Topic #7: EDC Electric Daisy Carnival at Milton Keynes Bowl, UK 9/07/2016

Music, friends, amazing atmosphere. The one event I make sure I go to. Electric Daisy Carnival

Electric Daisy Carnival, a one-day music event conducted across 4 separate stages; 3 circus tent based stages and the one monumental main stage in the “bowl” section where the artistic director goes to town, each year it’s something bigger and more extravagant.

Year one (2014) : A company called Electric Fly worked in partnership with Live Nation to produce designs for the Music festival in the UK, creating innovative designs and ideas for heavy pyrotechnics and electronic focused visuals. They assisted in the site planning, carried out all stage production and content creation.In 2014 their design was focused on implementing over 2,000sqm of LED Screen wrapped around the entire parameter of the Bowl area, creating the record for the largest LED screen to date!

A friend from work, Anthony Martin messaged me on Facebook about a festival he had found that was going be huge; the kind of music we loved, booze, sunshine and of course it was right in Milton Keynes. Jake, who also worked with us, was half interested and through much persuasion, we all bought our tickets and waited excitedly for the day to arrive…

Nothing could have prepared us for it.

The weather was perfect. A real scorcher (even though 24hrs prior there had been mass rainfall , EDC even sent out warnings about the possibility of it being so waterlogged attendees would need wellies -WELLIES?! IN JULY?!- or canceled completely)

There was no worry of that. The LED screen show on the hill in the bowl area was mesmerizing as it spread all the way around you like the visuals were jumping out in reality and circling you. All rounded off with fire, fireworks and a laser show…by the time the last note played all anyone was doing was smiling, whooping and remarking to each other how amazing it was.

We were hooked.



Year two (2015):We all joined a Facebook Group called EDC Solo Festival Goers to meet new people and join with others at this amazing event. We met people from as far as USA,  Sweden, Portugal, Japan who had come especially for the event. We made a rally point at the Furzton Lake pub, across the road for the event for some pre-drinks then set interim times to meet up during the event to pick up any stragglers we had missed.

One of the main sets was Steve Aoki (whom previously I had not heard of *slap wrist*) and his set was amazing! He really excited the crowd, interacted with them as well as throwing cake into the crowd at one point (?).

We hit the drinks hard this year, so hard in fact, Anthony was quite ill, and we vowed the following year to hold back a bit.

Year three (2016): Again we met the Solo group at the Furzton Lake pub, also discovering they were using half of the lakeside as additional parking for attendees…we knew this year must be bigger than the last from that alone. Not all the groupies could attend this year but it was still an amazing turn out for us, and we got to chatting about who we couldn’t wait to see including Sigma and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.


The best thing I ever get out of EDC is the atmosphere. Anthony, Jake and I meet very rarely during the year even though we used to work together and live fairly close to each other, but here when we meet up together and join with the Solo Group , its like we see each other all the time. The connection we all have by looking after each other, enjoying the music and sharing that is better than any concert I have been to yet.

Year one
Year two: Solo group
Year three: Solo Group Reunion

So here’s to our third anniversary EDC!

We will join under the Electric Sky once more, Next year.


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