Off topic #1 :Easter

Easter means different things to different people; Resurrection of Christ, Chocolate eggs, Gathering of families, long weekend…for me, it’s mostly food and movies.

Fraid So!

For the past two weeks at nursery it has been a build up to this weekend with the normal endearing easter present crafts (a mixture of hand and foot painting innovatively designed and rearranged into the easter bunny, spouting a heartfelt slogan to melt the parents hearts), egg hunts in the garden, bunny ears, “sleeping bunnies” (songs and games obviously), the odd cornflake cake chocolate nest including mini eggs and spring time displays everywhere. By the first time you really feel like Easter has already passed, and surely this is no other way a chick/egg/rabbit could possibly capture a child’s attention any further, and yet it does.

Easter is definitely either a weekend mostly for those of Christian/Catholic origins or those with younger families. As I find myself lost in between.

Well I’m sure people wouldn’t mind my child like enthusiasm to go shopping in a rabbit onesie with additional ears, tail and basket (as seen in Morrisons tonight, truly marvelous and creative however can only really be pulled off by children and confident adults out on the raz with a group of friends…or closely followed by the men in white jackets) but some funny looks may be thrown in my direction. Now because of my job it’s quite difficult to put away your childish character straight after departing the workplace, and many a time I have found myself talking really slowly or in highly animated and accentuated ways to an adult and had to reign myself in a bit reminding myself that I am indeed talking to another adult not a 15 month old . Because of this I don’t know if I should go the adult route of “shopping/drinking and films” or “Easter eggs/lay ins and films” as consuming 10 Easter eggs is not something to be proud of when you’re 28…and something the belly probably wouldn’t be able to handle either.

Easter Sunday is a completely different matter though, as I have already fantasised about the Sunday dinner I may or may not provide for my household:

Roasted Lamb with Rosemary and Garlic, Goose Fat Potatoes, green beans, carrots, parsnips, mash, peas, yorkshire puddings, gravy, cauliflower cheese, creamed leeks….like pavlov’s dogs I am salivating and the mere thought!…and I’m only feeding my man, an elderly lady, my mother, aunt and myself….not an army.

The other factor being I am so frugally trying to save to move out of my family home means I should not really be splashing out on much at all, but food and films be the things that are lavished upon. No upset to me…only my bank balance.

What are you guys and girls up to this Easter? Traveling to see family and friends  or doing anything special? Let me know what you are doing and maybe we can try something new by sharing some ideas!

Well that was it for my first Off Topic chatter, but stay tuned for more!

Happy Easter everyone!

Thanks for reading!



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