The Witch (2015) Eerie,Dark and Unnerving

Now, When I first viewed the trailer for “The Witch” (2016) by debut director Robert Eggers, I was firstly intrigued and secondly felt uneasy about the film’s plot. As a woman who works with children as a day job, to understand that the underlying theme is child abduction/murder/witchcraft and general non-positive topic made me feel as If I should stop myself from seeing it (kinda like how I felt when I saw Sinister, but that is an entirely different matter which I’m sure I shall mention at a later date!), but guess what, my curiosity beat me and I saw it anyway…and I was left feeling glad that I had watched it.

Unlike most horror genre films, it didn’t drag you along with its background story too much where you become bored as you begin to understand why she loved him, or why they are going into that deep dark hole shouting “hello? Anyone here?” only to queue insane axe wielding character. The banished God fearing, Christian family set out to find a new settlement to make their own.

Everything shifts into 4th when the infant mysteriously disappears and a range of situations begin starting with creepy and odd to the downright unbelievable.

By utilizing the soundtrack and the ambiguity of the things you don’t see rather than the things you do see, this horrifying story unfolds at your feet, making you wish you never had.

This supernatural horror left me distrustful of goats, unwilling to go near woods of any kind for at least a week and glad that I live in an urban area…

Highly recommended as a film you watch in the cinema rather than at home as the atmosphere alone adds to your senses and the dread that fills you the more you watch.

Let me know what you thought of it!


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