London has Fallen

The long awaited sequel to Olympus has fallen, London has fallen blasted its way into cinemas on the 3rd of March, thrilling me as I was thrown into a dramatic rollercoaster of action.

So for anyone who hasn’t seen Olympus has fallen…

Number 1: Shame on you! You have broken the cardinal rule of choosing to see a sequel before a prequel…tut tut.

Number 2: Without giving too much away, think President in Peril, against-all-odds hero saves the day, with emotive back story and  extensive explosions/bad guy monologuing thrown into the mix.

All of which are carried over and enhanced with London has fallen.

Gerard Butler as Banning is called upon again to protect the President (Aaron Eckhart) through a plot line that not only employs xenophobic issues but also situations that some viewers may find “a little bit too close to home” by utilising the overhanging shadow of terrorism in Britain. With the situations rising causing complete chaos after the death of the British Prime Minister , terrorists leave London in ruin with the World Leaders being picked off one after the other.

Now don’t get me wrong as a general viewer, it’s got everything you need for a bit of entertainment: Dramatised terrorism plot which plays with your adrenaline, and has a couple of jumpy moments, an actor who is easy on the eyes (for the female viewers of those tastes) and some action, fighting and gun slinging for the guys.

But did the overall story leave me in awe…more for the fact of the nod to British terrorism rather than the acting, in my honest opinion. I found it fun to watch,the creative shots drew the eye in, the soundtrack fitted the action well…but did it blow me away?

Not this time.

But for an evening or weekend viewer who wishes to complete the set of seeing the second one after the first (recommended!) then why not!

Let me know if any of you go to see it and what your thoughts on it were!





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