10 Cloverfield Lane( 2016): Interesting, suspenseful yet dark.

Director Dan Tratchtenberg teases the audience with this dark, suspenseful and deep semi-sequel using virtually no narration or initial backstory leaving the audience with no choice but to have as much information as the leading character. She wakes up in a bunker with two men with one claiming he saved her from a car crash after an apocalyptic occurrence. Drama ensues as both the leading lady and the audience lose sight of who to trust with the end of every scene with new information appearing in both for and against the rescuer and just at the point where things seem settled…we are launched back into the fray again with intense results leaving you winded and slightly unsure of what to think of the whole thing.

It left me impressed, but it’s another feature that benefits from being viewed in the cinema rather than waiting for home viewing.


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