The “Well…This is awkward…” welcome back post.

I’ve been a bad, bad girl…

…….Life and all of its mysteries happened, and through no fault of my own (no hang on all of the fault was obviously mine, dumbass?!) Reeltime took the brunt of it.

In the last 3 months:

  • I’ve been upskilling myself in preparation for a Career change from childcare to Marketing
  • Celebrated my Mothers 60th birthday
  • Befriended the neighbor’s cat
  • Purchased a Nissan Pulsar
  • Clawed my way halfway out of debt
  • Strengthened relationships with friends
  • Numerous nights of babysitting
  • Daydreamed about love, travel and the meaning of life
  • And thousands of hours playing The Sims 4

Do not think I have been frittering away my time needlessly, no siree! I’m still been adding to the ever-growing list of viewed films.

Some I’ve gone back to…over…and over…. (Whiplash 2014) some I haven’t dared to blog about as simply writing about them freaks me out (IT 2017) and the feeling that when writing these blogs has become more of a chore than fun…and films are always fun!

I mean, that I intend to pick up where I left off and continue the work I love!

Any suggestions from you fabulous lot of anything I haven’t yet posted about OR how any of these films made you feel is always welcomed!

As always thanks for reading and remember to share, like and follow me on facebook and twitter!




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  1. Wow. You’ve done a lot in three months. Cool. I’ll try to watch some of this films, they look awesome. Thank you for posting.

    Please try to follow my blog page if you don’t mind. Thanks! 👏😊


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