Off Topic #3: 10 Horror films scarier than Ted Bundy (Shock Horror!)

Now I’m talking that stuff that not only is the main reason you lose sleep, but those that make you feel that child-like terror where you have to check under the bed, and you hear noises and imagine the killer actually being real and he obviously chooses you rather than anyone else in the whole world as a victim on the same day you view it.

Shivers. Paranoia. The return of your favourite stuffed animal…you get me.

Now these are the films that freak ME out. So these could be different for you. and I’ll do them in reverse order to prolong the suspense….

Number 10: The Shining (1980)


Yes, this obviously had to make it in here somewhere. and we all know why, as its freaky! and the  age old story of cabin fever mixed with a dash of insanity  just cries out for a little bit of horror. As Jack slowly descends into madness things become outright weird and bloody.  That rules out staying in any kind of large house by myself and DEFINITELY not a keeper for a hotel in a remote area..uhuh

Number 9: Evil Dead (2013)


Now most of you will probably think, “but how could she not include the originals but put this in?!” Don’t get me wrong they are good in their own right, but as this is my top ten…so hush! This is both gore and horror united to create this evil darkness that unfolds at the original cabin in the woods where it all began. There’s a dark demonic entity, there’s blood, there’s creepy unhinged scenes of dismemberment and severe attacks…so why didn’t I put it higher on the list, well as I’m putting the ones on the list that Scared me, made me lose sleep, I found Evil dead entertaining and all of those things…but I didn’t lose sleep.

Number 8: Scream(1996)


I definately refer to the original in this instance, as this one did cause lack of sleep and nightmares beyond belief…and this was mainly as I was about 10/11 when I viewed it. ..I know terrible eh? But it was the age old story of friends brother wishes to scare a group of younger children, puts on scary movie, children try to be tough and watch it in its entirety, it scars children. Re-watching it when I’m older almost makes me reminisce on how it DID scare me so much, now the main thing that grips me is how well the theme fits with the genre and is one I can enjoy watching over and over again.

Number 7: The Devils Rejects (2005)


This is both a malicious, dark and gruesome film, which acts as a sequel to Rob Zombie ‘s “House of 1000 corpses” (2003) a slasher/horror filled with terror and dark humor. The scenes both unnerve you with their ways of exacting attacks, yet the film aligns you with the plight of the main deranged family of characters, Captain Spalding, Baby, Otis and Mother Firefly. With some difficult scenes you both loathe and laugh at the characters, and yet it made the final scene feel slightly heroic almost. Odd definately, but a good watch.

Number 6: The Blair Witch Project (1999)


A fantastic and clever film, as well as one of the big origins of “found footage” genre horror/thrillers. Slowly it gives you a back story, you get to know the students making the own documentary. In the beginning you wonder what could happen…until things do happen; getting lost, losing one of your team, hearing and seeing strange things in the wood at night…learning more about why these things are happening and ultimately what happened to the students.
Chilling, suspenseful, dark, and the found footage aspect almost makes us believe it…almost.

Number 5: The Babadook (2014)


I had only seen this film quite recently as a recommendation from a wok colleague, and knowing how my idea of ‘scary’ can be completely different to most, I settled down to the idea that I was to be more likely entertained with stereotypical horror aspects and laugh at it instead…but I was wrong. The emotive back story of the mother losing her husband on the day her son was born as he was driving her to the hospital and her feeling a pang of resentment towards sed child is difficult enough, but the book that arrives that brings horrific consequences to the household even set my mind reeling. Using the skill of fear of the things you can’t see but can hear or sense was brilliant, and the tension built between the mother and the child safety was very good. Found it quite a challenge to fall asleep that night I must say.

Number 4: The Conjouring (2013)


A possessed doll, paranormal investigators, tormented family, jump scares, did I mention creepy doll…nuff said.

Number 3: IT (1990)


I cannot watch this film for one exacting reason…I hate clowns. They…freak me out, they scare the shit out of me, and the reason is THIS FILM. Again this is another film I viewed on the television when I was far too young to view it I am sure, but it’s not Tim Curry’s performance, which is phenomenal and definately encapsulates the fear of a child and the characteristics of such a freakish thing within this clown, Pennywise.
So purely for its withstanding scar upon my childhood and fear of clowns, it has to go here.

Number 2:Paranormal Activity (2007)


This was the first film of this kind, even though it is in the same style as “The Blair Witch” found footage, but paranormal activity with its obvious modernity over the Blair Witch leaves the audience slowly in awe, in unexpected disbelief then directly to…”hold on a minute! Whoa!”.
Again, it prays on the fear of the unknown, what happens when your asleep? Why do those creaks and squeaks mean and I didn’t make them…who….or what did?! So simple and yet so good. And the big baby I am..I still can’t handle the final jump scare…nope…even though I know it’s coming…gets me every time.

Number 1: Sinister (2012)


From beginning to end I found (still find) This film unnerving, creepy beyond reason and just make me look away. Strangely enough I brought the film as i am in awe of how it works; everything from the music (eerie and perfect for the footage scenes, and does the job as it makes me feel almost unsettled inside) the placement of light or lack of, again with a touch of that fond footage theme dipped in works a treat. Also as someone who works with children daily, this seems all the more sinsiter .Though i still can’t watch it when it’s dark…Or very often…or on my own….just thinking about it puts me between bragging I have seen it and how great it is…then in the next breath warning everyone not to watch it.
Do watch it…but…no no …dont…don’t.

Those are the top ten films that give me the Shivers, do you agree? what are yours?
Use the “contact ” page on my website to tell me, I’m always interested in what screws up others just like me in terms of horror.


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