How to train Your Dragon

Now, originally I thought this film was just another one of those Dreamworks children’s movies my 4-year-old nephew raves on about which is brilliant and riveting for kids but is lacking for adults…Okay, I was wrong.

Initially I was a bit confused about the title when the opening scene began in a village of Norse folk who live in a place called Berk and the explanation of their calling to slay dragons, and all professions and their whole way of life revolved around this…and then it unfolds with our protagonist Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) trying his best to use his inventions to bring down a dragon to please his father Stoick the Vast (voiced by Gerard Butler) none other than the Chief of the clan. In trying to do so he only disappoints his father more leaving him in a tangle when discovering and befriending an injured Dragon named Toothless and entering dragon-fighting school.

After the boy and the dragon friendship builds the story gains momentum as well as entertaining both adult and child during the whole viewing experience. A dragon and boy partnership haven’t really made an appearance like this since the likes of Pete’s Dragon with themes of loyalty, perseverance, companionship and compassion it gives a good role model to any younger viewer as well as humour that both aims at adults, kids and big kids alike.

This Valiant Viking Voyage is a fun thrilling film about a boy and his dragon will break the heart for even the most stoney individual.

Definitely worth a watch.


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