Even though I had to brave the half-term traffic of parents and their offspring, I had wanted to see this ever since the teaser trailer emerged, and with such promises as being produced by the same team that created Frozen (try not to sing the song) and Big Hero 6 (on a scale of 1-10 how much did you love that film?!) how could it go wrong. The build-up of the production companies all fighting for the family top spot over half-term left me a bit dubious to the promised high standard of  Zootropolis , however, I was very surprised by the new Disney instalment onto the screens. Very well thought out, another brilliant underlying meaning and soul (very much like fables) to not douse others dreams no matter what background or past the come from and that everyone deserves a chance…Very powerful messages.

Judy Hopps (bunny, wannabe Police officer) and Nick Wild (Fox, petty thief/hustler) initially are chasing after each other like Tom and Jerry with Judy trying to be the best police officer she can be after being put on as a traffic warden rather than joining in solving crimes with the other more fierce species that normally join the force. The opposing force Nick, a first-class hustler trying to earn piles of money by tricking and scamming the folk of Zootropolis to line his own pockets. The story ensues with the two characters realising that as much as they want to get away from each other and thwart the other’s plans, they have to work together to solve a shocking crime that affects both fierce and friendly animals alike. Each step of the way is a learning curve both for Judy and Nick as well as the audience with a heartwarming ending only Disney could produce.

As a children’s film, it’s a definite hit, and for the parents, there are some hilarious jokes that are saved just for us.



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