Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Now, this has been one of the most recently slated action movies of this year, and yet I found it rather good! Now don’t look at me like that, you just have to think of it as a completely separate film from the Dark Knight at the previous films in that series. Now another reason I expect most viewers gave a huge sigh of exasperation is that “VS” or “Joint” films are stereotypically slated as the plot always seems to sway in favour of one protagonist as opposed to both. This can be rather difficult for a hardcore Superman fan when this film especially seems to label him as the possible bad guy. I was initially left a bit stunned when viewing the trailer as I couldn’t fathom why Superman was the “baddie”? Would it then mean further down the line there could be a film based on the possibilities of Batman being the could be a bad egg? Hmmm…

Well, as you will soon learn I am a sucker for visual effects, irony and jump scares and the title sequence did not disappoint me one bit. Fantastic visual and audio and bullet-time style shots…beautiful. This style is continued throughout the film in each dramatic explosion, a fist fight or establishing shot making it look clean yet dark, enhancing the mood between the two heroes.

Now, don’t think any less of me but I haven’t actually seen any of the Superman movies, but I know the general gist from watching “The Adventures of Superman” TV series (1993-1997), yes I know it’s not the same, shame on me, yadda yadda, he just wasn’t my bag okay! Basically, I watched the film to see how the new Batman would be portrayed by Ben Affleck and to be completely honest I thought he was great. Some viewers got a bee in their bonnet about how he was a “completely different Batman “…well of course he was! There’s no way you could compare all of the Batmans to each other apart from the main understanding of his character, his backstory and his characteristics. Look at Adam West, Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, George Clooney and Val Kilmer…none of them were the same, each brought their own style to the character depending on the moodiness of the film and the depth and darkness portrayed in the theme. I looked at it as a stand-alone film and loved it.

What did you think of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Let’s see who you sided with…I’d like to know what you thought!

…as long as it wasn’t Lex Luther…




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