Happy New Year 2019!!

Now the official countdown has begun and with 5 minutes to go till the beginning of a new year, I’m sure there are many things all of you would wish for 2019.

I wish for:

  • Adventure
  • New Experiences
  • Yummy food (always a favorite!)
  • Improved fitness (obligatory new years resolution!)
  • Happy friends and family
  • Opportunities to travel
  • More Fantastic films to watch

I won’t deny I haven’t been as attentive to the blog as I should have, and I endeavor to be on track with OffTopic on Wednesdays, Throwback Thursday…on a Thursday, and New Reviews on the weekends.

Look out for new competitions, giveaways products and events from yours truly starting in January!

Happy New Year!!! From Donna at ReelTimeBlog


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