Well….what can I say. With the every continued moment, of every scene of this dark, strange dramatic nightmare I find my jaw falls that little bit lower. At some points I’m overwhelmed by the buildup and others it just seems to so farfetched I envision the end to be near…and then it turns up the volume past 11!

The first scene we are greeted by a woman on fire, the placement of a sentimental object looking like some form of crystal placed in a stand and a building regenerating itself from burnt out ruins to its former glory.

As we explore the house with Jennifer, the use of the close angles on her and the Point of view shots allows us to truly be aligned with this unnamed female. The doorways are always that little bit open and the dark recesses of the house are set up and screaming for jump scares.

The excessive urge to please from the wife who puts up with a lot of odd behaviour from her husband, and the strangers that seem to appear and impose themselves onto their lives, to the dismay of Jennifer and the pleasure of Javier. Throughout the film, Jennifer seems just as confused as the viewer, which works perfectly as we desperately try to find reason alongside her.

Could it be this is one of those films you don’t truly understand/appreciate until the second viewing? As much as the information sent to my retinas was absorbed, the understanding of the intrusions by the “fans”, the acceleration in the stories ferocity, and the mysterious “illness” of Jennifer linked to the “heartbeat in the walls” of the house became all too confusing. I got to the end thinking “Wow….what just happened?” Then immediately wanted to start it again to ensure my viewing wasn’t just a lucid dream.

Its something you have to be committed to watching from start to finish and you must be open-minded. If you prefer to watch your films where you can easily pick up the story from any point… I don’t think this is for you.

However, If you want to see something a little bit different. Here it is.


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