Throwback Thursday: The Reeltime Rating System

Welcome one and all to Throwback Thursday! Roll up, Roll up to see all things before 2017 (I know that was so long ago now!). Now a brand new feature deserves a brand new rating system! And hey presto here it is!

Review meter

Every Throwback Review will come with its own rating label depending on how I would place it’s level of class in this nostalgic category.

So say you have something like “Apocalypse Now” (1979) Which I haven’t seen all the way through yet so will probably review at some point, would put down as a Classic at the moment, but after seeing it if it isn’t my thing it will probably be “Meh”.

Now I reiterate these are MY opinions on these films, but I would love to hear how you would rate them! Your Likes and Comments are always welcomed and as always thanks for reading!


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